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How to Download Instagram Video, Photo, Reel & IGTV from Instagram using Instagram Downloader ?

easiest way to download instagram reels and igtv and any kind of instagram video fast and free. You just need to copy and paste link to download any post from instagram.

Open Instagram app or website from your mobile or computer and choose the post/ video/ igtv/ reels/ photo.

  • Then, you have to copy the link of that post.
  • Click on 3 dots and copy insta post (video or photo or reel or igtv) link.
  • instagramDownloader-copy-link
  • Paste the link on the URL input bar in our website -
  • Now click on the 'Download' button.
  • instagramDownloader-enter-link
  • You post is ready to download.
  • Just click on 'Download Photo' or 'Download Video' to download your Instagram post
  • instagramDownloader-download instagram post

    You can download Instagram video, photos, reels, igtv, any type of video and post download from Instagram Without any registration nor any other thing that you have to do, don't worry about getting daily unnecessary email for our marketing, you can use the site Instagram video post reels photos/image/picture downloader and Instagram igtv download.

    Why do you use instagram downloader / ?

  • Instagram downloader is one of the fastest and easiest website for insta downloader on the web, Everyone wants to download as much as possible for offline video so that they can watch it offline. so here we thought to give you the best one for downloading reels, igtvs, photos, video from Instagram so that we can provide a better service for you.
  • Best quality of the video, photos, reels, igtv download without any lowering the quality of video/photos/reels, now Instagram downloader is much easy with Instagram video downloader. Best for insta video download
  • Now igtv and reels and photo download so easy from Instagram, downloading in that easy anyone can do it within 30 sec can save the reels,igtv,video,photo using our Instagram downloader.

  • Can I use Instagram downloader / site on PC or in Apple ?

    all users can download instagram video. download site on every others device including ipad, tab , android, pc, computer , desktop etc. its a lightest and better web service.

    Is it safe to use instagram downloader / ?

    Yes, it is fully safe to use the site - because we provide strong security and high protection to your privacy to delete all information after anyone enter and leave, your security and privacy are very important to us that we can offer our users the best protection to you, keep your personal data secure, surely no one can know what you're downloading or doing in the website from our website. And other data or information users are leaving in our Instagram downloader is remove after you are leaving the website. Your information is 100% protected and deleted after you leave

    Your security and privacy is our primary concern.

    Is Instagram video reels igtv photo download from instagram downloader / illegal ?

    No. It's legal to save Instagram videos/reels/photos. If you keep the reels videos with users copyright law, don't use them commercially then it is ok. Don't use them To monetize or for marketing purposes. Use them for your post or WhatsApp status or Facebook story which is completely legal. everyone in the world can use Instagram downloader / in your wp status or Fb post, story.

    Common FAQs

    Can I download igtv video from here?

    Yes you can download igtv videos from here -

    can i download all instagram videos from here?

    Yes you can . If any problem occurs then you can use .

    Can I download insta photos from this site?

    Yes, you can save instagram photos.

    Is login and signup required here?

    No login signup is required for use this website. simple copy paste link and download.

    How many videos or reels and images can i download in one day?

    Unlimited. You can download as many as you want.

    Is this website is legal?

    This website is totally legal. Above we are written a full para for the legality of this website.

    Is it the best website for downloading instagram reels, igtv videos?

    Yes, this is one of the best site for downloading instagram videos, reels, photos and igtv.

    What is the alternative website of this site?

    In case any problem occurs you can go to instagramphotodownload. Similar website for instagram photo/video download

    Is this website secure?

    Yes. Instagram video downloader is a fully secure site. If you want to read our PrivacyPolicy. Above we are written a full para for the Security of this website.

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